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BriteCon2018 Recap: Videos Now Available

Kenny Riffe Nov 5, 2018 5:27:11 PM

BriteCon2018 may have ended, but the possibilities presented at this year's conference are just beginning to take shape. This year's conference was our largest and most successful to date with 230 attendees hearing from more than 25 BriteCore and industry partner presenters.

Understanding Data is Key to Increasing Business in the Insurance Industry

Kenny Riffe Oct 31, 2018 8:00:00 AM

In a data-driven world, insurers constantly face new risks and opportunities. Insurers who understand how to analyze their data will be able to further capitalize on the information they've already collected. In an interview with AAIS, BriteCore CEO, Phil Reynolds, discusses the risks and opportunities relating to data analysis and what it means for insurers.

[White Paper] BriteCore's Commitment to Technical Innovation Provides Tremendous Benefit to Insurance Providers

Kenny Riffe Oct 30, 2018 8:00:00 AM

SMA's white paper on computing trends highlights BriteCore's commitment to technical innovation and the benefits that provides to insurers.

Strategy Meets Action (SMA) recently published a white paper on New Computing Trends: Laying the Foundation for the Core Systems of Tomorrow. In this paper, SMA  explains how the trends affect the future business needs of...

Biz 417 Asks BriteCore How to Effectively Transition to a Remote Workforce

Kenny Riffe Oct 26, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Biz 417 sits down with Phil Reynolds, CEO of BriteCore and his wife Chastin Reynolds, Vice President of Marketing, to discuss the advantages and drawbacks of a fully remote workforce. Learn how they built a robust business using global talent and how a remote workforce model can work for your business.